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Everything You Need to Know About Narrative Voice Techniques

Everything You Need to Know About Narrative Voice Techniques The narrative voice, or as it is more commonly known, the point of view (POV), is an essential element in storytelling, as it determines the character with whom the audience will sympathize. It also informs them of the narrators perspective and is essential in shaping their understanding of the storys events.It allows the reader to view everything from the stance of a character and/or narrator, including their feelings and experiences. The narrative voice is an essential element of the telling as it allows the reader to relate to the character telling the story and understand the motivations and desires of other characters, as well.Think of POV like a pair of glasses that you give your audience. In order for them to see what youre seeing clearly, and in the best possible way to experience it, you need to give them the best pair of lenses to do that. Those lenses are the different types of narrative voice.This post will delve into how to identify different types of narrative voice and which pair of lenses would best suit a particular piece of writing.Photo by Valentin Salja on UnsplashFirst PersonIn first person point of view, the story is being told from the perspective of the narrator.Pronouns:I/ weme/ usmy/ ourThis narrative style is one of the most common POVs in fiction. All events in the story are filtered through the eyes of the narrator and the readers experience the story or account from their perspective. Therefore, it is the type of narrative voice that is able to immediately connect with the audience yet is limited to one perspective and is biased by default.Best suited for:Autobiographies (fiction and non-fiction) or personal accountsExamples:Charles Dickens David Copperfield, J.D. Salingers Catcher in the Rye, and F. Scott Fitzgeralds The Great Gatsby.Siobhan said that I should write something I would want to read myself. Mostly I read books about science and maths. I do not like proper novels. In proper novels people say things like, I am veined w ith iron, with silver and with streaks of common mud. I cannot contract into the firm fist which those clench who do not depend on stimulus. What does this mean? I do not know. Nor does Father. Nor do Siobhan or Mr Jeavons. I have asked them.From The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time by Mark HaddonSecond PersonIn second person point of view, the story is being told from the perspective of the audience.Pronouns:youyourThe second person narrative is less frequently used than the first or the third. In this type of perspective, the story is told as though the reader is the character telling the story. Thus, the audience becomes the driving force of the story, immersed into the action instantly. Second person point of view gives the writer a shot at being different in that the tone surprises the reader, and gives them a more personal way of experiencing the story. It is the most difficult to execute among all the types of narratives, but it can be done.Uses:Most commonly use d in instructional writing, such as recipes and manuals, or any writing requiring a step-by-step procedure; novels.Examples:Italo Calvinos If on a Winters Night, a Traveler, Edward Packards Choose Your Own Adventure series, Jay McInerneys Bright Lights, Big City and Lorrie Moores Self-Help.Your mother has encountered this condition many times, or conditions like it anyway. So maybe she doesnt think youre going to die. Then again, maybe she does. Maybe she fears it. Everyone is going to die, and when a mother like yours sees in a third-born child like you the pain that makes you whimper under her cot the way you do, maybe she feels your death push forward a few decades, take off its dark, dusty headscarf, and settle with open-haired familiarity and a lascivious smile into this, the single mud-walled room she shares with all of her surviving offspring.From How to Get Filthy Rich in Rising Asia by Mohsin HaminThird PersonIn third person point of view, the story is being told from outsi de a single characters perspective.Pronouns:she/heher/histhey/itThe third person narrative is perhaps the most commonly used perspective. It used when the narrator is not a character in the story and is therefore, on the outside looking in. It offers the audience some distance from the characters of the story. It has three sub-types, which I will cover below.Best suited for:Novels and historical documentation.Third Person LimitedWhen the narrator only knows what the characters know and only follows a single perspective at a time and thus, has limited knowledge of the events. It is similar to the first person narrative as it is restricted to the knowledge, perspective and experiences of a singular character.Examples:J.K. Rowlings Harry Potterseries, George Orwells 1984 and George R.R. Martins A Storm of Swords.The American and the girl with him sat at a table in the shade, outside the building. It was very hot and the express from Barcelona would come in forty minutes. It stopped at this junction for two minutes and went to Madrid.From Hills Like White Elephants by HemingwayThird Person Multiple (Multiple Perspective/Multi-Narrative)According to Donald Maass, Multiple viewpoints provide diversion from, and contrast to, the protagonists perspective. They can deepen conflict, enlarge a storys scope and add to a novel the rich texture of real life†¦ Our lives intersect, collide and overlap. Subplots lend the same sense of connectivity to a novel. They remind us of our mutual need, our inescapable conflicts and our intertwined destinies.This type of narrative voice allows the narrator to follow several characters in the story, switch between them and recount the story from different viewpoints. This style is tricky, as it can confuse the audience easily. But it is possible, as long as:Each change in POV is clear (the writer can use section or chapter breaks).There is an inherent thematic reason in the change (for example, in Virginia Woolfs To the Lighthouse, Woolf uses multiple perspectives to emphasize themes of expectation and judgment between sexes).The change should serve to move the story forward. These shifts in perspective are considered subplots and are therefore crucial to the intrinsic nature of the story. The change must reveal an important aspect of the plot or the main characters significant enough in progressing the story.Photo by Clem Onojeghuo on UnsplashIf you feel that you should write in multiple POVs, a few important questions to ask are:Is it necessary to tell a story that really must be presented in the eyes of multiple characters?If so, why?How many stories are you trying to tell?How are they all linked together or how do they all intersect in order to unify the overarching story arc as a whole?This article gives great advice for writing in multiple POVs, which is still considered a limited perspective, as the narrator is not all-knowing and is confined by the characters he/she follows.ExamplesA brilliant one is t he historical method, which is used by historians to verify and form historical narratives about accounts in the past by using primary sources and evidence such as archeological artifacts. Historians follow multiple accounts in order to prove and confirm the occurrence of an event.Other examplesGeorge R.R. Martins A Song of Fire and Ice series, Paolo Coelhos The Witch of Portobello, Roberto Bolanos 2666, and Vladimir Nabokovs Pale Fire.Third Person OmniscientIn this point of view, the narrator is all-knowing and is unbound by the limited perspectives of the characters. The narrator knows the goals, motivations, intentions, back stories, inner thoughts and emotions of everyone in the story, and therefore, becomes god-like. The narrator is able to provide a precise and intuitive telling with an interconnected knowledge of all the events.ExamplesGabriel Garcà ­a Marquez One Hundred Years of Solitude, Douglas Adams Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, and Leo Tolstoys Anna Karenina.Elizabe th, having rather expected to affront him, was amazed at his gallantry; but there was a mixture of sweetness and archness in her manner which made it difficult for her to affront anybody; and Darcy had never been so bewitched by any woman as he was by her. He really believed, that were it not for the inferiority of her connections, he should be in some danger.From Pride and Prejudice by Jane AustenSo, which narrative style should you use? There is no correct answer, as long as each character and subplot serves to move the story forward. Every narrative can be told from multiple standpoints. Making the decisions concerning how many stories are being told, how many characters are necessary for the telling, and how they all intertwine to unify the world of the story is one of the great tests of a writers creativity.Ultimately, the writers tasks are to think about the limitations of each perspective, determine which feels most natural to the story, take cues from the POVs of different w orks, and focus on the intention of the story in order to assess which narrative style would suit the telling best.

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Political Science or Public Policy Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Political Science or Public Policy - Term Paper Example e leaders have perfected the art of using all manner of illegal tactics to remain in power such as vote rigging, detaining opposition leaders and altering the constitution. Some African leaders have objected the idea of multi-party democracy thus anybody seeking a political leadership opportunity should do so through one party which is controlled the by the incumbent president. The parliamentary systems are ineffective and weak since they are controlled by the executive. The main duty of the legislature is to oversee the smooth running and implementation of government policies but African governments have failed in this duty. The parliamentary systems is misused by the executive to rubber stamp the decisions of the executive while the judiciary lacks the independence to protect the constitution and civil rights. A flawed electioneering system and ethnic based politics will continue to precipitate political conflicts unless policy changes are implemented. Though the international community is greatly supporting Africa nations to implement full democratic and market-based economies, dictatorial leadership, unfair elections, diseases and unequal distribution of resources have hindered all the opportunities of ensuring democracy in several African countries. Natural resources like copper, gold and oil mining continue to be trafficked to foreign countries by corrupt leaders thus leading to low economic development of these conflicts. Unfair distribution of resources and underdevelopment of some parts of the countries, especially areas occupied by the marginalized ethnic communities is currently fueling ethnic-based conflicts for power and natural resources. Some leaders are busy utilizing the natural resources to fuel ethnic tensions and conflicts in order to remain in power. There are numerous challenges that have hindered entrenchment of liberal democracy in Africa. African countries will continue to experience political conflicts unless the leaders agree how to

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Programming with Alice Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Programming with Alice - Coursework Example Anubis and Cleopatra marry and lead a happy life. In a way Ra’s prophecy also comes true as taken by death meant married to Lord of death. In this scene the news of Cleopatra’s kidnap by the mummy is received by the Pharaoh .Anubis also makes appearance in this scene .The Pharaoh agrees with Anubis’s deal of marrying to Cleopatra in lieu of saving her life. This is the concluding scene where Anubis is shown married to Cleopatra and Anubis also tells how Ra’s prophecy about Cleopatra was indeed true, Cleopatra was taken by death with Anubis being the Lord of death as her wife . Problems encountered : Alice is a memory hogging program due to which my system faced some performance issues .The web access for adding objects from web gallery was slow ,therefore I saved objects from the Egypt World provided in the assessment .Also I use Google Chrome and Alice does not initialize till all Chrome windows are

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Jealousy in the book of Genesis Essay Example for Free

Jealousy in the book of Genesis Essay The first book of the Pentateuch is rife with Jealousy. It seems a peculiar obsession of those writing in the Lord’s name. After all, such sins as murder, adultery and slothfulness seem so much more damaging to our communities and our selves. Why are the jade eyes of jealously given so much attention in the bible’s leadoff book, especially in the story of the second and third men, Cain and his brother Abel. I suspect that jealousy, being a universal human emotion, one which human beings so easily find themselves sinking into, and one which is so obviously coarse and negative, inspired the writers of the bible to bring attention to it’s dangers very early on in their text. Although the instances of jealousy found in the later narratives of Genesis, perhaps those of Noah and Abraham, present more nuanced and complex manifestations of this all too human frailty, the visceral nature of Cain’s crime and the ambiguity of his atonement must first be addressed, as well as the fundamental differences between jealousy among men and man’s jealousy of God. Cain is assigned to be the â€Å"tiller of the ground† (Genesis 4:2 – NKJV) in the garden of Eden. Abel, his younger brother, the second son of Adam and Eve, was given the more genteel task of tending to flocks of sheep. Both made offerings to the Lord, Cain in the form of the â€Å"fruit of the ground† (Genesis 4:3) and Abel â€Å"the firstborn of their flock and his fat† (Genesis 4:4) which God respected. However the next verse, 4:5, reveals that God did not respect Cain’s offering. Why? The Biblical writers, men knowing nothing at all of God’s motivations (not to mention his existence), don’t feel the need to indulge us with God’s motives or criteria for respecting an offering. We do know that he took unkindly to Cain’s â€Å"countenance†, which â€Å"fell† following his rejection. One could easily see how being rejected by God, who hints at some criteria when he says in 4:7 â€Å"If you do well, will you not be accepted? And if you do not do well, sin lies at your door. And its desire is for you, but you should rule over it. † Of course, in the very next verse, Cain, after a brief conversation with his brother of which we are told nothing about, kills Abel. Sin came to his door, in the form of jealousy toward his brother and he acted upon it in the most despicable way possible. The biblical writers are trying to dramatize an emotion and its consequences as effectively as possible. Did Cain feel that his offering was superior to his brothers and that he being unfairly judged by God? That God would not accept his offering, regardless of the quality of his fruit? Without more detail, it’s hard to erect any sort of value judgment, within the Christian Lexicon, on the matter of Cain and Abel. God seems a little overbearing and perhaps bears more than a small share of the guilt for Cain’s jealousy. If Cain had toiled that barren mid-eastern soil simply to praise God, rose day and night for his Lord’s glory, than was it perhaps a bit insensitive on the Lord’s part to reject him. Had Abel provoked Cain in any other way? What did they talk about that faithful day? In what language could they have spoken? As you can see, the first instance of jealousy in the Biblical text leaves more stones unturned and more questions unanswered than not. The story of Cain and Abel illuminates the first instance of intra-human jealousy. From the very beginning however, man was jealous of God. God creates man in his own image and makes him humble and stupid. Adam and Eve we’re simply to be in the Garden, lord of the Earth’s other creatures and stay out of God’s affairs, those that concern the moral and scientific complexities of the world. For as God puts it in Genesis 2:16-17, â€Å"Of every tree of the Garden you may freely eat; but of the tree of knowledge of good and evil you shall not eat, for in the day that you eat of it you shall surely die. † Later, after man as created Eve, verse 2:25 exclaims â€Å"And they were both naked, the man and his wife, and were not ashamed. † A surface reading suggests that man was meant for to remain in a pure, infantile state. Before man erected society, technology or democracy, man was designed to remain pure of the complexities of morality. Yet Adam and Eve, given the free will God had granted them and a base awareness of good and evil, ironically because of God’s edict to stay far away from the tree which allows one knowledge of such matters, had the ability to choose such knowledge, and with a little persuasion from the villainous serpent, they did. Surely the ways of God are mysterious, but why would he set up man with a series of bizarrely attractive ways to subvert his intentions for their well-being? Eve makes a series of evaluative judgments upon the fruit from the tree of knowledge of good and evil when she thinks to herself in verse 3:6 â€Å"So when the woman saw the tree was good for food, that it was pleasant to the eyes, and a tree desirable to make one wise, She took of the fruit and ate. She also gave to her husband, and he ate. † Was God setting up Adam and Eve for the fall when he created the tree in the first place? Hoew else to explain an omnipotent God who willfully creates beings who we’re, despite their naivete, are capable of learning and seeing the virtues of something which their creator had made arbitrarily off limits while simultaneously placing being in their midst whose whole obligation is to tempt them? Certainly the rest of the Biblical narrative depends on the jealousy inspired fall – without it, the rest of the story, which culminates with Jesus sacrificing himself for man’s sins and thus offering him redemption, several thousand year before the Earth is destroyed during Jesus’ rapturous return, could not have been constructed by the Biblical writers. Perhaps, if it is out their God wanted to fall. It is simply man’s innocent jealousy, of God’s wisdom and goodness and perhaps his power to arbitrarily, without fear of reprisal or retribution, horde power over his creations, which drove Eve to follow the serpent’s instructions. The instinct to want what others have is as old as man. Surely the omnipotent clockmaker deity that the early enlightenment era Europeans constructed out of King James’ text was aware of this opposition he was creating. It is, after all, just another part of God’s grand design. Bibliography The Holy Bible, New King James Version, Thomas Nelson Bibles, 1982.

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Speech :: essays research papers fc

Speech is not just someone’s written or voiced opinions but it is also the way that person tries to express his or her ideas or believes using other meanings. Gestures, signs, paintings, photos, etc†¦are different forms of speech. Our government guarantees free speech but not that anyone can make speech at any time, at any place, and talk about anything. Then this country could be an awful place to live. Imagine that loud noise from speakers and subwoofers from cars that are driven through your neighborhood at two o’clock in the morning; people who stop you in the middle of the road on your way to go to work just to beg for some spare changes or try to sell their products; and that your privacy is no longer exist consequence of people who have secretly placed video cameras in your home to see what things you like or dislike, or perhaps recording and selling your bed-room-stories. Fortunately, we don’t have to deal with those headaches; the First Amendment does not protect people from making loud noise after dark, slowing or stopping your car at the intersections, and intruding your privacy. Such activities are subject to arrests and punishable by laws. The First Amendment also does not protect people from exploiting child pornography, making threats, using fighting words, and inciting to riot. The Supreme Court has explained: Such utterances are no essential part of any exposition of ideas, and are of such slight social value as steps toward discovery of truth that any benefit derived from them is outweighed by society’s interest in order and morality.( Klotter and Kanovitz 48) The government as well put some of the protected speeches on restrictions. A billboard is placed at the turning point of a curved road; someone hangs a garage sale ad on the traffic light so other people can see it easier; or organizing a religious assembly to walk through downtown at rush hour. Although those are good ideas to catch other people attentions but they also post many side-effect hazards, like distractions caused by looking at the billboard instead of concentrating to turn the vehicle; other people may look at the ad on the traffic light instead of the lights or it may block one’s view of the light; and marching through downtown at rush hour causes traffic congestions and frustration amongst tired people who just finished their work day, thus more troubles can be occurred.

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Hypothesis Objectives problem

Self-placement is basically when companies place their own products on a particular outlet or place. Consumers have differing buying habits and different reactions towards products. Self-placement has a very important effect on sales and number of consumers which it tends to attract. We are dealing in a world of perfect competition in which producers and consumers all have to fight between a lot of products and what prices to sell them and buy them on, but the most important thing is to where to provide the products so as to make sure that sales are being done in the way they are supposed to.There are definitely effects Of self-placement on battle buying products and sales. Consumers have different priorities but some things as very common which have to be bought from a particular place or a particular outlet, especially when it comes to habitual buying products then consumers have two things in their minds, number one is the price they have to pay all the time and number two which p lace they will get it from. Rational consumer will have a different buying behavior than a person who is versatile and keeps on changing his, her priorities all the time.The effects can be significant leading to a jump in the number of sales or decline in the number of sales. Therefore we have two extremes to discuss. Self-placement may trigger a rational consumer to purchase the product from a particular place or not to purchase it. First of all discussing the positive effects, consumers have a wide variety of products to choose from and can easily relate with the product at any place . A rational consumers very consistent with buying a habitual product so will prefer which ever place he or she will be getting it from.Different theories have taken this relationship in different way so we will be discussing in accordance with some buying behaviors and how they will be affecting sales. Ethical consumers are most concerned with how products are placed and how they are presented. Incre ase in the number of sales will be only be experienced when consumers will be satisfied with the item they want to purchase. Some theories assume that culture has a lot of impact on how people react to self-placement done by companies. Consumes consumption is the most important variable which will depict the number of sales every time. Components to be mentioned: Theoretical Framework Research Question Hypothesis Objectives problem Statement The two most important variables which we have to discuss here are habitual eying behavior and sales, therefore we will draw a connection between these two things with the help of a presentation. Independent variable is self- placement and their dependent variable is sales. Research Question Following is some question which we will be dealing with: What is the effect of self-placement on the sales of an habitual product ?

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Essay on We Need Pilots Not Computers - 646 Words

During July of this year a commercial plane from Asiana Airlines(Airplane that goes between South Korea and America) crashed in San Francisco.When the plane was about to land the automated flight system was on(autopilot system) and the auto throttle was supposed to be on to land safely.The auto throttle was not on so the plane fell onto the runway and crashed.This is not the first time this happened.This just proves that pilots are getting addicted to the autopilot system. The autopilot system is the computer system in airplanes that lets computers fly the plane and do things such as taking off and landing without controlling the plane.This system has made flying a lot safer because it removes room for error by the pilot.The autopilot†¦show more content†¦Then you have to become a officer of the air force(only officers are allowed to fly).This is done by taking two tests the Basic Aptitude Test(tests how people react to situations) and the Air Force Officer Qualifying Test(A FOQT).Also there is a physical assessment you have to pass.If you have worse vision than 20/50,are overweight,can’t be colorblind,can’t have allergies,have no history of physical injury,mental disorders and can’t have any felonies. If you pass the physical and score high on the written test you can try to get into flight school.It is very hard to get into flight school because only 1400 people are accepted.If you get accepted you will go through two programs to be able to fly.The first program is the Introductory Flight Program.This program includes 25 hours of instruction in flight techniques and 25 hours of flying with an instructor.The second program is the specialized undergraduate training program which is ten to 12 hours a day of instructions,simulation and flying.This program teaches the pilot basic flight skills they need to fly.When they finnish the corse the pilot chooses a type of aircraft to specialize in.After that the pilot will be able to fly on t heir own.The military flight system trains pilots better than commercial pilots and encourages they control the plane and not the computers. The military planes almost neverShow MoreRelatedThe Glass Cage, By Tim Berners1612 Words   |  7 Pages A computer is a device that can be given a specific set of instructions to perform a tasks under logical terms. Computers were created as tools to assist humanity in solving problems and achieving goals. During the events of World War II, computers were developed to decipher encryption amongst telegraph messages between the Allies and the Axis. These events have lead to modern day encryption to keep us safe in the case of losing our social security status or our bank accounts robbed. Which is aRead MoreLevel 2 Skills Essay1302 Words   |  6 PagesIf I use. . . 1. A computer with access to internet and MS Excel on a desk with a chair in order to evaluate the data for the evaluation. 2. Permission to access CAPPS and PIMS to electronically submit the evaluation and collect data. â€Æ' 5. Level 1 skill: Planning Level 2 skill: Organizing A. I can establish and manage a pilot project to organize computers in our field offices for clients to use to request benefits for our social programs; well enough to transform the pilot project to flourishRead MoreEssay On Morning Shift1211 Words   |  5 Pagesmorning shift may result in reducing the normal sleep duration by about 4 hours. This in turn will increase the likelihood of an accident occurring. 5. Possibilities of relating those research to pilots’ performance The above literature review has demonstrated the relationship between the adverse effects of the fatigue on workers performance in healthcare and railway domains. From the above discussion, it is very clear that fatigue states are multidimensional that is, involve several factors. ResultsRead MoreEssay on MSP, LLC Migration Proposal1365 Words   |  6 Pagesindustry leading graphics company that needs to upgrade its hardware and software to maintain its edge amongst other companies similar to itself. If MSP wants to continue to attract high-level employees we must provide them with high-level equipment. In order to do that we must upgrade the operating systems that we currently run and the hardware that we will use along with it. MSP currently uses Microsoft Windows XP and Windows 7. To be able to migrate to Windows 8 we must discard part of our current inventoryRead MoreThe Climax Of King Kong1300 Words   |  6 Pages The climax of King Kong occurs when the iconic primate himse lf climbs the Empire State building and fights off fighter pilots. This scene combines the four elements of film in such a way that keeps the viewer on the edge of their seat as they await the outcome of the fight. The cinematography makes the scene feel action packed and exciting with its dynamic style. The production design ensures that the scene is believable (with the exception of the ginormous gorilla) and true to life. The soundRead MoreThe First Person Has A New Iphone 6 Smart Phone1636 Words   |  7 Pagesconnect you to the internet, has an artificial intelligence that can respond to your commands, has multiple apps that connect you to social media, has apps that helps calculate your health, money, airplane mileage, etc. It has almost everything you need to conduct your personal and business lifestyle. On the other hand, the second person has an older flip phone. This phone can make single phone calls at a time, connect you to limited sites of the Internet, it has only a f ew games, and may have anRead MoreThe Invention Of The Auto Pilot1081 Words   |  5 Pageswell. The invention of the auto-pilot function has changed the way us humans travel by air. This invention saves time and money from training future pilots. On the other hand, is that a good thing? In an essay from Nicolas Carr called â€Å"The Great Forgetting†, He notes that the invention of auto-pilot may be a more of a step down than a step up in the technology world. It was February 12, 2009 when the Q400 crashed into a small house in Buffalo, New York. As the pilot was well into landing the planeRead MoreCategorical Imperative vs. Utilitarianism1449 Words   |  6 Pagesimmediately upon discovery. The EDS carried limited amount of fuel that was rationed with care. The computers determined how much fuel the EDS would need exactly to make it to their destination. In this particular situation the EDS only had the exact amount of fuel to make it to Woden carrying the pilot and the f ever serum. Marilyn’s added weight would not allow the EDS to make it to its destination. The pilot did everything in his power to see if there were any other options than to jettison Marilyn intoRead MoreThe World s Greatest Inventors909 Words   |  4 Pagestime (Top 10 Greatest Inventors in History, 2011). Soon, women started inventions of their own. Nancy Johnson s ice cream maker, Maria Telkes solar-powered house, Grace Hopper s computer programming and Stephanie Kwolek s Kevlar are among famous women inventions (10 of the World s Greatest Female Inventors You Need to Know. (n.d.). It is generally assumed that men are more interested in technology than women are but that is not the case at all. Studies show that women are equally interestedRead MoreBook Report1203 Words   |  5 PagesWe both sat in silence in that small diner. There was nothing to be said as the call that morning had confirmed our fears. Both me and Anderson were pilots, well technically he was a navigator even though he was much more skilled than I was. Us and two other pilots were hired to fly deeper into the Russian dead zone than anyone had gone before. Known as the â€Å"bone yard† for people like us, because of all of the hundreds of planes that had been scrapped because of either radiation jamming or some of